We have designed award-winning homes, offices, restaurants and special needs buildings throughout New Jersey, as well as the Hamptons, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Vermont. We are proud to have been consistently recognized by independent websites and journals as delivering a blend of the highest quality design, technology and client service.



Z+ Architects has been providing clients with high-quality, custom residential, commercial and special needs architectural services since 2001.


The firm’s design approach is rooted in the belief that independent of aesthetic style our clients’ prefer, natural light, durable materials, and careful attention to how a building inter-relates to its’ exterior site conditions are universally important. The firm strives to develop trust and long-term relationships with all of our clients, as well as the builders that help turn our visions into reality.  Z+ Architects’ reputation for designing lasting buildings across all aesthetic styles is anchored by a dedication to careful attention to detail, and moreover, spaces that flow and are highly-livable.  Z+ Architects-designed buildings, whether traditional or modern, all possess a shared quality of enduring character and detail that only continues to enhance over time.


Z+ Architects takes pride in its’ long-standing relationships with repeat clients, high-quality builders, tradespeople, craftsmen, and supporting industries. This, in tandem with its’ sister company, Z+ Interiors, allows for seamless, collaborative, and ego-free one-stop shopping. This results in superlative, coordinated design and drawings and an easier, more enjoyable process for our clients.