Z+ Architects still can draw with a deft hand, as well as wow with the most cutting edge of technology. We incorporate the hand sketches of how architecture has classically been delivered, seamlessly alongside the latest software and visualization techniques emerging today. Our approach acknowledges that each phase in the design process has a most-appropriate tool or technique to help deliver information clearly to our clients.   It is no more appropriate to employ a computer’s hyper-accuracy when trying to loosely explore spatial relationships and adjacencies, than it is to provide a limited, two-dimensional sketch when a 3D rendered perspective can more clearly help our clients understand building shape, form and material.



We are proud to place our clients’ needs first when approaching technology, and artfully bridge the gap between hand drawings and emerging 3D technologies. We aren’t intimidated by the pressure to identify or choose between the two; rather, we welcome the breadth of features that each “school’ provides that the other simply can’t.  Nearly a decade ago, we invested in state of the art 3D modeling software that has continued to develop and revolutionize how architecture is delivered. Since then, we have been fully committed and versed in applying these ever-evolving, cutting edge software systems to all of our projects, no matter the size or complexity.


Our philosophy on technology is simply a matter of the right tool for the right job, and understanding when to use each.