Z+ Architects has been providing clients with high-quality, custom residential, commercial and special needs architectural services since 2001.

We have designed award-winning homes, offices, restaurants, and special needs buildings throughout New Jersey, as well as the Hamptons, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. We are proud to have been consistently recognized by independent websites and journals as delivering a blend of the highest quality design, technology, and client service.



The firm’s design approach is rooted in the belief that independent of aesthetic style our clients prefer, natural light, durable materials, and careful attention to how a building inter-relates to its’ exterior site conditions are universally important. The firm strives to develop trust and long-term relationships with all of our clients, as well as the builders that help turn our visions into reality.  Z+ Architects’ reputation for designing lasting buildings across all aesthetic styles is anchored by a dedication to careful attention to detail, and moreover, spaces that flow and are highly-livable.  Z+ Architects-designed buildings, whether traditional or modern, all possess a shared quality of enduring character and detail that only continues to enhance over time.


Z+ Architects takes pride in its’ long-standing relationships with repeat clients, high-quality builders, tradespeople, craftsmen, and supporting industries. This, in tandem with its’ sister company, Z+ Interiors, allows for seamless, collaborative, and ego-free one-stop shopping. This results in superlative, coordinated design and drawings, and an easier, more enjoyable process for our clients.  



We do the heavy lifting, so you can continue to do the things you do that have allowed you to be successful.




Our process incorporates a variety of techniques that range from the classic hand drawings to next-generation virtual 3D technology. Yet without question, we have a singular component that is paramount to a single “technique”. Simply put, we strive for our process to make our clients’ role as simple and enjoyable as possible. This is accomplished by presenting meaningful alternatives to you in a clear fashion, and using our extensive expertise and experience when guiding you through your decision-making process.


Our projects are worked on from a team approach, utilizing all the various skill sets and strengths of individuals, under the guidance and management of the principals in the firm. Every project will be assigned a team, headed by a principal who will manage and guide the project from inception to completion. This experience at the helm will de-mystify the process for those who have never worked with an architect before. For those who have built before, they will immediately recognize partner-level project management as superlative and necessary.



Our philosophy on technology is simply a matter of the right tool for the right job, and understanding when to use each.


Z+ Architects still can draw with a deft hand, as well as wow with the most cutting edge of technology. We incorporate the hand sketches of how architecture has classically been delivered, seamlessly alongside the latest software and visualization techniques emerging today. Our approach acknowledges that each phase in the design process has the most-appropriate tool or technique to help deliver information clearly to our clients.   It is no more appropriate to employ a computer’s hyper-accuracy when trying to loosely explore spatial relationships and adjacencies than it is to provide a limited, two-dimensional sketch when a 3D rendered perspective can more clearly help our clients understand building shape, form, and material.



We are proud to place our clients’ needs first when approaching technology, and artfully bridge the gap between hand drawings and emerging 3D technologies. We aren’t intimidated by the pressure to identify or choose between the two; rather, we welcome the breadth of features that each “school’ provides that the other simply can’t.  Nearly a decade ago, we invested in state of the art 3D modeling software that has continued to develop and revolutionize how architecture is delivered. Since then, we have been fully committed and versed in applying these ever-evolving, cutting edge software systems to all of our projects, no matter the size or complexity.

Mike Scro
Mary Fitzpatrick-Scro

Michael received his Master of Architecture from Yale University and Bachelor of Architecture from The Pennsylvania State University. He founded Z+ Architects in 2001 and is a licensed Architect in the State of New Jersey. Michael is a co-founding partner of Z+ Interiors and shares a passion for integrating design from architectural concepts through the finest details of interior finishes. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects and is a LEED AP professional certified in green, environmentally conscious projects. He is NCARB certified, allowing licensure in most of the 50 states.


His work experience includes The Hillier Group in Princeton, NJ, and several mid-size firms where he served as Project Architect for dozens of projects ranging in all scales, both commercial and residential. He has taught Architectural Design Studio at Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania, as well as abroad in national architectural design programs in Rome, Italy. He has appeared in front of a broad array of Planning/Zoning Boards across the state with a nearly perfect record for securing variances and use approvals.

Mary received her Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech. Her extensive work experience at the Hillier Group in Princeton, NJ and Ronald Schmidt and Associates in Englewood, NJ has given her broad experience in architecture, across all scales and types of projects. Her time donated to Allendale’s Planning Board, commencing in a co-chair position, has brought a rational, balanced approach to her strengths of bringing sides together in compromise. She is a member of the American Institute of Architects, is a LEED AP professional, and NCARB certified.  She is licensed in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Virginia, and Vermont.


Combining exceptional organizational, management, and coordination skills with a sophisticated design sensibility, Mary helps bridge the gaps between all members and facets found in our projects.  Her adeptness for full integration of architecture and interior design results in a seamless, functional and stunning design impression made by our private residence and commercial projects. 

School: New Jersey Institute of Technology / Bachelor of Architecture Minor in Env. Studies & Sustainability

Food: Piroshki

Color: Blue

Hobby: Traveling

Artist/Musician: Theo Jansen

Anna Abrashina
Architectural Designer

School: New Jersey Institute of Technology  / Bachelor of Architecture

Food: Tacos

Color: Blue

Hobby: Spending time with family

Artist/Musician: Bruce Springsteen & U2

Jésus Mones
Senior Project Manager

School: The Fashion Institute of Technology / Bachelor of Interior Design

Food: Snitel

Color: Red

Hobbies: Cooking & Baking

Artist/Musician: Bruno Mars

Ioana M. Curovic
Interior Designer, NCIDQ

School: Lynchburg College / Bachelor in Marketing & Business Administration

Food: Chocolate

Color: Blue

Hobbies: Cleaning, Organizing & Traveling

Artist/Musician: Eric Clapton

Julie Scutaro
Office Manager

School: The Pennsylvania State University / Bachelor of Architecture B.A. Art History 

Food: Mashed Potatoes

Color: Pink

Hobbies: Dancing, Skiing & Traveling

Artist/Musician: Taylor Swift

Addie Rabold
Architectural Designer

School: Robert Wesleyan College / Bachelor of Science Art/Graphic Design

New Jersey Institute of Technology / Master of Architecture I 

Food: Sushi

Color: Burnt Umber

Hobby: Photography

Artist/Musician: Boards of Canada

Collin Erickson
Project Architect & Designer

School: Kean University

Food: Chicken Nuggets

Color: Blue

Hobbies: Working out & Eating

Artist/Musician: Anything that I can dance to

Danielle Lim
Junior Interior Designer

School: The Pennsylvania State University / Bachelor of Architecture

Food: Chocolate Lava Cake

Color: Olive Green

Hobbies: Hiking & Traveling

Artist/Musician: Green Day

Anna Zaat
Architectural Designer

School: New Jersey Institute of Technology / Bachelor of Architecture I 

Food: Ice Cream, specifically vanilla.

Color: Green

Hobby: Traveling, antiquing, exploring architecture, vinyl records & football (long suffering Broncos fan)

Artist/Musician: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Stephen R. Staronka
Project Architect

School: New Jersey Institute of Technology / Bachelor of Arts Interior Design

Food: Any type of cheese

Color: Green

Hobby: Cooking

Artist/Musician: Depends on the day

James Lischick
Interior Designer

School: New York Institute of Art & Design

Food: Sushi

Color: Lavender

Hobbies: Decorating, Traveling, Cooking & Photography

Artist/Musician: Coldplay

Alexandra Hernandez
Social Media & Marketing